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Materials We Use

Our High Quality Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia was first mass-produced in the late 1970s as a simulated diamond for the jewelry market. Nowadays, cubic zirconia is one of the most popular stones to craft stunning jewelry due to its diamond-like qualities.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive precious stones in the market. However, cubic zirconia looks identical to diamonds and it is comparable in brilliance, strength, and durability. Cubic zirconia can be fashioned into the same cut and designs as diamonds at only a fraction of the price, making cubic zirconia a remarkable and affordable alternative.

Samie Collection is proud to be a purveyor of fine cubic zirconia at affordable prices. Our cubic zirconia is rated highly for its clarity and is exquisitely cut.

Our Genuine 18K Gold Plating

Gold-plated jewelry from Samie Collection is heavily layered with genuine 18K gold plating. Gold uses a 24 carat system to show how pure it is. When a piece of jewelry says ‘24K,’ this means that it is the purest but softest form of gold. Samie Collection uses genuine 18K gold when plating our jewelry – 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts other alloys – to maintain the beautiful gold tone while making it durable. We use heavy layered 18k gold plating on the surface of our jewelry to provide you with lovely pieces of jewelry while keeping them affordable and long-lasting.

Our Genuine Rhodium Plating

Samie Collection uses genuine rhodium for our plating, a rare silver-white metal with a very alluring appearance. It is more reflective with more shine than white gold, silver, or other precious metals. Rhodium creates a beautiful appearance, does not oxidize, and does not tarnish over time. Although pure rhodium is a very expensive precious metal which is difficult to use in jewelry, its benefits can be enjoyed when the jewelry has rhodium plating.

Our jewelry is heavily layered with rhodium plating to keep your jewelry’s original beauty as long as possible. Since it is very reflective and glimmers in light, it makes diamonds and cubic zirconia appear bigger and brighter. If jewelry is the symbol of love, our genuine rhodium plating products will shine with your love.

Our .925 Sterling Silver

Since ancient times, people around the world have valued silver for its uses in jewelry and has been a popular choice because of its sparkling beauty, versatility, and affordable price.

Pure silver is soft and delicate, so it is often turned into an alloy by mixing other metals such as copper, to give it more durability. When pure silver is mixed with less than 7.5% other metals and 92.5% silver, it is known as sterling silver. This is a significantly more durable form of silver while retaining the beautiful essence of pure silver. All of Samie Collection’s sterling silver products are stamped and most of them are rhodium plated for long lasting beauty.

Our Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant steel, commonly known as stainless steel, is a particularly durable steel alloy which does not stain, corrode, or rust easily. With its resistance to rust, oxidation and discoloration, the stainless steel alloy is an ideal material for long-lasting jewelry designs. Samie Collection’s stainless steel jewelry is made with 316L stainless steel, which is highly resistant to creep, acids, and oxidation, making it a suitable choice for jewelry worn on a daily basis. Stainless steel jewelry is recommended for jewelry wearers living in humid climates, since stainless steel does not easily rust. This characteristic is the reason that stainless steel is often used as starter earrings for newly pierced ears. Additionally, stainless steel is considered hypoallergenic, making it a popular choice for jewelry wearers with sensitive skin.